Who We Are?

Mulligan IB - was founded by a group of professionals dedicated to spreading the values of limitless trading around the world. We provide our clients with the widest range of opportunities in the financial markets. We have put together the best products, technology and services to ensure that every trader's and investor's needs are fully met. Under the guidance of one broker, with no time to waste, you can find everything you need to trade and invest the way you like, without boundaries or limitations. We've taken that freedom to new heights, offering the freedom to trade, providing the ultimate opportunity on your trading path.

You can choose any or all of the financial markets we offer access to.

    Opening an account with the company Mulligan IB, you have the ability to trade currencies and stocks, cryptocurrencies, options or futures using our MIB Trader Pro trading platform. Moreover, if you travel a lot or prefer operating systems other than MS Windows, there is no need to place restrictions on your movements, choice of software and computers. Our unique MIB Trader Pro trading platform will allow you to stay in touch with your trading account anytime, anywhere, on any computer, on any system.

    MIB Mobile Trader - also allows you to work without location and time constraints, on the go, providing access to trading accounts from mobile devices. You are free to choose the type of account you like - with fixed or variable income, starting from minimal deposits with low risk or directly in the interbank market, trading huge amounts, with minimal spreads and fast order execution.

    By offering trading through MIB Trader Pro, we are committed to our clients' success. We provide transparent and customer-focused trading the way you need it.

    High price accuracy, no transaction restrictions and a wide range of trading opportunities are the foundation of our business activities. It's a beacon on our way to fulfilling our mission to provide you with the best trading and investment conditions with maximum opportunity, protection and freedom.

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